Neeker Bocker Cider (10.27.2006)
Ingredients (15 gallon batch)
15 gal - pressed aurora apples from Minea Farm
1 gal - pressed aurora apples from Minea Farm (added when kegged)
3 - lalvin EC-1118 champagne dry yeast
3 tsp - yeast energizer
11.13.2006 secondary
01.05.2007 kegged
Original gravity: 1.051
Secondary transfer: 0.995
Final gravity: 0.992
6.3% by weight
7.8% by volume
Dump cider in primary, add yeast and yeast energizer.
Added 1/3 gal of cider per keg to sweeten (could use a bit more).
Danika says it smells like bananas.
Alcohol content is a bit less since raw cider was added back in when kegged.
Added another ½ to second keg and Danika liked it better.