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The rye and pale we brewed in March got tapped for Graham's birthday party. Both are good beers. The rye is hoppy than normal (which is good), so I think the Hamilton hops have a fairly high alpha acid percentage. Neither had a very high alcohol content. I am still blaming the adjustments we made to the mill, since neither had their "normal" starting gravities. We have not scheduled are next brewing session, and since we both have three beers on tap right now, I am not sure when it will get scheduled.
Well, first log entry for the year... and it is already April. I just tapped the IPA and stout we brewed back in February. Both are great. They are a little flat so I turned up the CO2. When I went to get a second glass, it was barely coming out. I checked the CO2 tank and it was empty. I love it when I get everything all set up and then a tank runs out. I have a few tanks now, so I swapped a full one for the empty one and everything is groovy again.
We have had two brewing sessions so far this year. The mill quit working during the first session. Normally I try to get the grain milled before brewing day, but I ran out of time and we milled it on brewing day. I started it up, dumped the first round of grain in, and the grain just stayed in the hopper. We took it apart and put some oil on the bushings and tried it again, still nothing. We ended up adjusting the rollers to be further apart and then the grain started feeding through the mill again. Our conversions seem to be a bit down since then, so I am going to adjust the mill again to see if we can get it to work closer to the old setting.
Last year was a pretty good year for brewing. We did not brew as much as 2008, but about the same as most of our other previous years. Plus, Danika and I have a new addition to the family, so I am glad we were able to brew as much as we did.